Affiliate Program

You’ve done everything you can to get your client the loan they need for their dream house, car, or whatever reason they need the loan. But, they have credit challenges. If you turn them away – you lose the deal.
Turn them in our direction and we will U-turn them back to you, with a credit score that works!

You will be given access to our affiliate portal where you will enter basic information from your client. We will contact your client immediately and begin working to improve their credit score. Within days, your client will start to see results and you will have 24- hour access to check the status of your client. Don’t worry, your client won’t forget about you because YOUR PHOTO will appear in their client portal each time they log in to check on their account.

We know you want the best for your client, and so do we. Let’s work together to help fulfill their dreams – get signed up as an affiliate TODAY.

How It Works For you

  • You close a sale you could have lost

  • Affiliate portal allows access to commissions earned

  • Affiliate portal allows access to client progress

  • Your value and worth to your employer is increased because of your high close rate

  • You become a champion

How It Works For your clients

  • No up-front costs

  • Low Monthly Fee

  • Elevated Credit Scores

  • Unlimited Disputes and Deletions

  • 24-hour access to account